Content Policy

The TopThat Community

Our objective is to establish a community feel to the website by which users consider themselves responsible to other users for the content they post. Users will be encouraged to show a level of respect for fellow users, and be reminded that posts on the website involve a certain level of trust.

As a consequence of encouraging a sense of community, TopThat users will be encouraged to flag as inappropriate any content which contravenes the guidelines set out below.

Once content is flagged as being inappropriate it will be reviewed by TopThat administrators to determine whether it contravenes Terms of Use. Any content which contravenes Terms of Use will be removed and, depending on the gravity of the contravention, users will be blocked from TopThat and, where appropriate, we will refer any posts which depict acts of violence, abuse or child exploitation to appropriate law enforcement bodies.

In addition to encouraging users to flag inappropriate content, we will (but shall have no obligation to) randomly monitor content for contravention of Terms of Use and any content which contravenes Terms of Use will be actioned as above. This random monitoring will be undertaken either by administrators or an automated system .

Inappropriate Content

TopThat is intended to be a fun website and unusual and amusing contests are encouraged, and we expect users to view material posted in the spirit in which it was intended. Users may not like everything they see on TopThat, and some of the content may be regarded as offensive to some. That said, we expect users to follow a common sense approach to the material they post on the website.

Users will be given the following guidance:

  • No content which is pornographic or sexually explicit will be permitted. If this describes your contest do not post it on TopThat. Also, users will be advised that we work closely with appropriate law enforcement agencies and that we will report material featuring child exploitation.
  • No content which depicts graphic or gratuitous violence, animal abuse, drug abuse, or any other illegal practice will be permitted, including any content depicting a person or animal being hurt, attacked, or humiliated.
  • No content which offers for sale or promotes any alcohol-related product, tobacco product, ammunition and/or firearms will be permitted.
  • Content featuring pyramid schemes, sweepstakes or chain letters, or that is deceptive or fraudulent is not permitted.
  • TopThat is not a shock site. Any content which is considered offensive in and of itself, including contests involving content such as accidents, dead bodies or grievous injuries will not be permitted.
  • Any content used in contests in breach of copyright or other intellectual property rights will be removed.
  • Any content which is threatening, defamatory or attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, and sexual orientation/gender identity will be removed.
  • TopThat has a zero tolerance policy in respect of any predatory behaviour. Any user engaged in stalking, threats, harassment, invading privacy, or the revealing of other users' personal information may be permanently banned from TopThat.

Violations of the Terms of Use may result in a warning notification or termination of a user’s account. Once the account is terminated a user will be prohibited from creating any new accounts.